ATC Wedding (Terms and Condition With Privacy Policy):


1. Eligibility:

Should be Indian Citizen.

Non Resident Indians (NRI).

Women should be 18 years or above while men should be 21 years or above for registering in this website.

Legally eligible enough to marry as per the rules certified under marriage act of respective religion.


2. Registering with

The match making website is solely owned as well as managed by ATC Wedding Pvt. Ltd.

Using and registering in the website directly implies that you agree to the terms and condition of the website.

While registering, we expect that you provide us with exact, accurate and authentic details of yours. In case, any of your details are found false, your profile may be deleted from the database without any prior intimation from our side. In order to get a proper and better service from us, you are requested to fill in all the details that will be asked during each step of the registration process. In case, you become a paid member, and in future, any of your provided details found false or not authentic, your paid amount is liable to get forfeit at any point of time and the user will have no claim on the money they have paid.

We don’t appreciate or provide service to same sex marriage; our service is for marriages between male and female sexes.

Users don’t have any right to register in atcwedding website for any commercial purpose.


3. Responsibilities:

We will share your details with other users, whoever will match, according to the partner preferences given by user, during registration process. However some key information like phone number, email, address etc. won’t be provided without taking permission from the respective user.

We just give you a platform to search your soul mate from the users in our database. Neither us nor any third party will interfere in the process. iii) We assure our user that their password will be kept secret as it will be saved in our database in encrypted format such that even administrator of the website will be unable to access it.

This is solely a platform for matchmaking; this is not a dating website.

A valid identity proof certified by state or central government should be uploaded by user as a scanned image at the time of registration. It’s necessary as has been prescribed in IT Act of India.

We assure you that no personal details of yours will be shared to any third party like insurance or mobile company for any commercial purpose and we also request you, not to share your login details with anybody else.

We won’t take any responsibility where a user might fix his/her partner for a date or physical relationship, and later refrain.

A valid email address and mobile number is to be provided by the user during registration otherwise registration will not be considered as valid. An OTP will be provided to the user during registration to the provided phone number, which will be inevitable for the user to further move to next step of registration.

A user doesn’t have the authority to register multiple numbers of times.

In order to avail the paid services of the marriage portal , one has to make the payment through a Payment Gateway or by a/c payee cheque in favour of ATC Wedding Pvt. Ltd.

We won’t tolerate upload of any photo which is obscene or vulgar. User doing such activities might get their account terminated without any pre information.

If you repeatedly infringe other people's intellectual property rights, we will disable your account when appropriate.

Every user is warned, not to upload anybody else’s identification proof in their profile. Doing so might invite deactivation of the specific users’ profile.

You will not tag users or send email invitations to non-users without their consent.

Last but not the least; you are entirely responsible for any and all activities that occur under your account. You agree to notify ATC Wedding immediately of any unauthorized use of your account or any other breach of security. atcwedding will not be liable for any loss that you may incur as a result of someone else using your password or account. However, you could be held liable for losses incurred by atcwedding or another party due to someone else using your account or password.


4. You Agree That:

atcwedding's role is limited up to matching the users profile image with that of the image in the ID proof provided by the user. does not take any responsibility if the user has fraud his or her ID proof.

We will not be held responsible if any discrepancies occur during the financial transaction under any circumstances for failure of making payment because of payment gateway for whatever reasons.

You should be receiving emails and text messages to your email and provided phone number for information and suggestions.

User paying money for enjoying the paid services of the website will not be refunded the paid amount under any circumstances.

We do not take the responsibility of authenticating the identification proof of any user. If anybody have doubt regarding that, he/she should enquire and make proper investigation to avoid fraud.

A user consents ATC Wedding to access the details provided by them during their registration and also permits to make changes, if found, necessary.

One profile with phone number and contact details will be considered as one service of the paid profile service and one service gets subtracted from total services paid under the plan.

We do acknowledge the fact that, we have no responsibility whatsoever about the authenticity of documents provided by the user.

In case, you are planning to marry a divorcee, you are requested to make all the enquiries about him/her if the concerned person has attained the decree of divorce from the concerned court.

If during any point of time of your registering with us, you suffer any loss or damage which is not attributable to us in our reasonable opinion, then, in such a situation, we shall not be responsible under any capacity whatsoever.

We do have the sole authority to delete/ block/ or deactivate your profile, if found, is contradicting with our terms and condition.

Uploading viruses or other malicious code by any user will be dealt under legal jurisdiction.

All details and documents provided by a user during registration will be considered as legitimate, if any discrepancies take place in future, shall not be held responsible for that.

We do not guarantee marriages. We just act as a platform to suggest matching  between two eligible candidates.

We are not going to interfere in any family related problem that may arise between two partners engaged through our website. We don't ensure any responsibility whatsoever.


5. You Further Agree That:

You shall maintain copies of acknowledgements provided to you against your payments.

You are requested not to share your personal information including the details of your Debit Card/ Credit Card or any other bank details with any person including our authorized member of our website.


6. Rules Relating To Paid Membership:

Upon enrolment into paid membership, you will be assigned a Relationship Manager who will assist you during your tenure with paid plan.


7. Privacy Policy:

You are requested not to share any of your personal details including your Debit Card Number/ Credit Card Number or any other details with anybody, not even with our representatives.

You are requested to contact only on the numbers that has been provided in the website and are also requested to do all the financial transaction in accordance to our terms and condition. If, any transaction done through some other means that is different from the way specified in terms and condition, we will not be responsible for the payment incurred.

You will maintain all the acknowledgements/ receipts/ other documents provided to you during your payment.

In case of any dispute, the Court of Calcutta have exclusive jurisdiction to solve the case.


8. Disclaimers:

We assure you that the server we use or any email sent by us is completely free of virus. We won’t take any responsibility for any damage for using

We don’t give any kind of assurance or warranty to fix your marriage. It completely depends on your choice and decision.

Any violation of our terms and condition will be tried under Indian Law subject to Kolkata, West Bengal, India.

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