FAQ Page


Question:: What is the difference between free registration and paid registration? Answer::Anybody could register as a free member in the site but later upgrade to paid member. A free member have limited access to the services to the services provided by us while a paid member could enjoy all the services. Question:: What is profile validation? Answer:: Profile validation is inclusion of a member profile in the main database. It’s the process to verify the input details and photos provided by an user. The process is done manually and takes at most 48 hours to validate a profile. Question:: Can I Fill a single form and get registered? Answer::yes, you can fill a single form and get registered and contact all profiles. Question::Can I register on behalf of somebody else? Answer::Yes, you can register for yourself, brothers, sisters, son, daughter etc.
2.Profile Creation/ Modification:
Question::How do I create a complete profile? Answer::Providing accurate and authentic details to every fields provided in the registration form makes complete profile creation. Question:: Can I Upload any photo? Answer::Vulgar or obscene photographs will not be allowed. It will be judged during profile validation, if found vulgar, the photo will be rejected. Question::How do I protect my photo? Answer::This feature is only available to paid members. They could make their photograph as password protected. Question::Is it possible to complete registration without photo ID proof? Answer:: No, as per the guidelines of IT Act 2000, providing a photo ID is must, registration process won’t proceed without getting a valid ID proof.
3.Modify Profile::
Question::Can I modify my profile after registration? Answer:: Yes, profile can be edited and modified at any point of time after registration and profile validation. Question::How long it might take to reflect the modifications in profile? Answer:: The entire modifications will again go through validation process and again it might take 48 hours at most to get reflected in profile. Question::Is there any separate database for Mangalik and Divorcee Matrimony in ATCWedding? Answer:: Any divorcee or mangalik boy or girl can register as a free member in the site. We have huge database to view for mangalik and divorcee brides and groom all over India but no separate database.

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